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“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

-Katherine Hepburn

Have you ever started your day with a great plan, feeling positive and full of gratitude for the life you have only to find yourself frustrated, mad at the world and otherwise grumpy by 2 P.M.?

I feel that we create much of our own mess (car accidents, uncontrollable events and mother nature aside.) We structure our lives, often to live up to a standard that we have spent little time analyzing whether it should be our “standard.” We follow a plan that we set into motion with each choice we make, wondering all the while how we can remove much of the stress from our lives.

Often someone seems to be living a life we wish we could live and most of us realize that there is another side to the outward appearance of that life. My wish for you today is that you choose to embrace and honor YOUR one precious life.

Embrace where you are now by taking time to reflect on the joy and delight you do experience in your daily routine. Beyond the acknowledgement that “I should be grateful my kids are healthy or I have a roof over my head,” all of which are valid reasons for gratitude and joy, but reach into your soul and find the details of life that move you. What has brought you to this current place? What do you love about it? What do you wish you could change? Do not allow judgement of yourself simply reflect and ponder with quiet stillness.

Honor where you are now and where you would like your life’s journey to take you by allowing yourself to find freedom within the framework of your current life. You may still need to feed your family, take care of your ailing parents or show up at work, but you can find a little wiggle room in your schedule today to do something amazing for yourself. You are more than a robot who goes through the day’s routine and exists merely to do it again the next day. Do you really need to impress the world with everything you can pack into the day? Ask yourself why you do what you do. What do you expect to come of your efforts? You are an amazing spirit currently housed in a physical body. Fuel your soul by giving it a moment of peace, joy, indulgent, bliss; whatever these mean to you. Honor yourself by learning and writing down what brings you peace. Take a deep breath and release your worries along with that breath as it exits your body.

I could give you a list of options, however, bliss, joy and peace essentially mean various things to different people. Find a way today to break the rules YOU set for yourself and start to create your own personal plan of loving daily life!