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Did the idea of springing your clock forward last weekend send you into a physical P.A.N.I.C. (pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia & constipation)? We currently live in a society that loves to add more to one’s day than is beneficial. The switching of our clocks to allow more daylight, seems like a good idea (especially here in gray Seattle), but what is it doing to aid the rhythm of life overall?

Years ago, people woke with sun and went to bed when the stars lit the night sky. They followed the natural cycles of the seasons when making choices. From what to eat to movement patterns, things naturally worked with synchronicity. They made time to dance, sing, tell stories around the fire.  They shared meals with their neighbor. They made time to rest. Maybe they got chased by a wild animal now and again but I bet the felt Alive!

Today, adding time to our clocks to allow more daylight to our days does not mean we will get to enjoy that time. Often it means its daylight when you leave for work and its daylight when you come home later from work, too tired to pursue your spirits purpose. With the added physical and emotional stressors the American lifestyle is embracing as commonplace: Pain, Anxiety, Nausea, Insomnia and Constipation- what will it take to make a change? We complain that our lives are too busy. We don’t have enough time with our families or to pursue meaningful personal pursuits. We live life as zombies in front of the computer pretending to have meaningful human contact on Facebook or live out a unfulfilling fantasy through the lives viewed on  television as it drains us of our creative thinking. Our eating habits are less than to be desired while boxed and highly processed food coupled with little physical activity add to our deep comatose life. We spend time wishing for a different life. Wishing we had time and could help someone else. We may simply be wishing our life and moments of time away.

Wishing does not create change!

Listed below are a few simple steps you can take to lessen the feelings of P.A.N.I.C in your life and start on your own private journey to feeling synchronicity, awareness and vitality in your own life. So spring forward my friends and don’t look back!

*Intentional Breathing-just 5 or 6 slow, deep belly breaths have been shown to drop blood pressure and ease anxiety. By intentionally breathing you are bringing yourself fully into the present moment. You realize you are Alive. The past is in the past and the future never comes. Choose to live now. Start with your breath.

*Morning Pages-as someone who has never been good with keeping a gratitude journal, food journal or family history journal, I acknowledge the cringe you may feel when you read this suggestion. I love to write. My fear was that someone would get to know what I was really thinking. Or that I would get to know what I was really thinking. That is scary! The only way you can heal and move forward from anything is to first acknowledge it and then intentionally release it from your life. This leaves you open and fresh for abundance to flow into your life. Morning Pages is a suggestion from Julia Cameron’s book, “The Artist’s Way-A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.” She suggest you write for three or four pages, everyday without censoring what you write. This is to be freeform writing with no rules. First you may find you are writing about how annoying it is to write, or that you have to walk the dog and it is raining. Soon you will discover your writing has transformed and eventually opens up a window in to your soul’s core. You may feel pain, frustration and a little anxiety. Eventually you will feel release, empowerment, and maybe even find yourself designing your new life’s path.

*Take care of yourself physically. This means cut the processed, boxed and packaged food and learn to cook things like quinoa, brown rice, beans and greens. Discover the world of spices. Embrace the green smoothie (no rules here!) There really are no more excuses. Our children have a lower life expectancy than we do. Teach them to live vibrantly.Celebrate your body by stretching, walking, running, dancing passionately around your living room and belly laughing. Create time for play.

*Lighten your load-physically and mentally the amount of clutter you have in your habitat, schedule and mind may be last thing you want to reflect on but ridding yourself of excess is creating space for joy, passion, bliss, health and new abundance.

I feel that many of us blame their feelings of P.A.N.I.C. on old age, genetics or even “just the way it is” but this is simply stinking thinking. Yes, there is much that we have no control over. Take a few moments while you spring forward this week to review these areas of your life. Consciously seek positive change in one area by writing down intentions and seek support  if necessary from family, friends or professional-It could completely transform your life! You have been gifted everything you need to live a beautiful, healthy life.

Choose to let your light shine beyond those extra daylight hours this year. Choose to live intentionally.