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In a conversation with one of my clients last night, we discussed affirmations and reframing our thinking. While this information is not new, it is helpful to be reminded of the power within us. Affirmations are a way of powerfully pulling out of the universe the energy we desire. I’ve included some of the tips I sent her, including self-talk I use to reframe my ego’s negative thoughts. I hope it inspires you to acknowledge your self-worth and flood your thoughts with vitality!

As you already may know, affirmations are an amazing way to help us reframe the way we think. They help us attain and maintain a positive energy flow in our lives along with spiritual components and loving, supportive friends and family. They are another tool for your self-care toolkit.

Here are a few guidelines for use when creating your own affirmations and starting words to guide you.

1. Always use present tense language.

2. Use positive words and phrasing.

3. Make it believable and in your own voice.

4. Keep it relatively short so you can easily remember and repeat.


Starting phrases could be:

I know without a doubt…

I am worthy…

I am willing to…

I choose to…

I easily recognize and honor…

I allow…

I forgive…

I continually (strive) (am filled) (love) (embrace) etc..

I release…

I take action on…

I trust…

I create…

I am grateful…

I am here to be joyful…

You can combine one or more as well to complete your thought. These are drawn from a variety of sources.  Add in your own voice.

You could also start them with other words. Here are a few examples (also drawn from many sources):

I wake up each morning refreshed, with energy and ready to begin the day.

It is easy for me to appreciate the people in my life and I will support them and allow the Lord to carry them.

My body knows how to heal and each new cell that arrives in my body arrives whole, complete and healthy.

Stress is only a mindset and I can change my mindset.

Today I will give love and support to my friends and family. I will speak with love, patience and kindness knowing that their life’s decisions are not mine to make.I release responsibility to God (or the Universe-whatever you choose.)

What I think becomes what I have in my life and I am filled with vitality, blessings, joy, health and peace.

My intuition is guiding me toward right action.

I have the confidence to handle life’s challenges. There is  amazing opportunity in each choice and in each moment.

I am consistently treating my Self with loving kindness and Self-respect, knowing I am worthy of giving and receiving of my own time, attention, and nurturance. I am taking good care of my Self. (Thank you Cora!)

Other helpful affirmations (change the words to anything that resonates with you.)

I choose to trust the decisions I make, knowing I have all that I need within myself. The truth lives in me.

I welcome change with open arms, knowing (my intuition) (Christ) (the Holy Spirit) (the Universe)  is guiding me toward right action.

I release my assumptions and acknowledge what is true in each situation (Then name the truth(s).)

I am brave, courageous, capable and supported by people who love me.

The food I eat promotes a health, vitality, and renewal.

My daily choices support my health, and vitality. I choose to be alive.

I release my beliefs that no longer serve me and continue to renew my mind with positive energy.

I am grateful my needs are always being met, I have everything I need.

I release my expectations, my made-up scenarios, “ifs” and “musts.” I will go with the flow of the Universe. All is well.

Reframing and understanding limiting beliefs:

Our ego is sneaky. Our minds fill with thoughts that do not serve us. Our spirits and ego struggle against each other. This struggle does not serve us. When you feel negative thoughts or limiting beliefs sneaking into your mind and trying to take away your vitality ask this voice “Why are you here?” If you answer that question honestly, this voice/thought can serve you healthfully.

For example:  “Anger (fear, or other emotion), I feel you. Why are you here? What are you really trying to tell me?” You want me to feel__________ but the truth is________.

Really take a minute to answer those questions. Encourage the stuck emotion to come out and release it. Acknowledge it, then change the limiting belief with a positive affirmation by telling yourself the truth. I like my clients to try my Pause, Reflect and Adjust process.

Pause- When something triggers undesirable feelings/actions then stop and name it.

Reflect-Ponder that which you have named. Know that you are not this feeling/action. It was simply one of a zillion conditioned responses. See it for what it is objectively.

Adjust-Decide Awareness & Acknowledgement. Adjust conditioned responses to intuitive and positive energy filling responses made from awareness. Use your affirmations to reframe and change conditioned, stinking thinking.

I believe these ideas provide a good foundation on our continuous journey toward health and vitality. We can read something and “know” it but unless we take time to invest in ourselves by reflecting and “knowing” it in our core, it is merely filed away. The seed is there, yet it doesn’t blossom. Nurture the roots and you create the leaves and flowers. Nurture your spirit (your foundation) and you can accomplish anything!