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Hey Pure Vitality family!

Part of living with Pure Vitality includes keeping your finances in-check and not spending more than you bring in. It includes saving. It includes the peace of mind that can bring when you are living within that protective framework. A framework of guidelines that brings freedom.

I enjoy following a family who is pursuing their dreams, living within their means and inspiring others. Justin and his family at The Great Family Escape recently sent out a challenge to all of us as individual families to see how long can you go without spending money on unnecessary things. We don’t have an official start date for the challenge yet and necessary items are not defined by anyone but yourself. After all, we all have varying circumstances and needs and this challenge is meant to enhance your life and teach you what you are willing to let it teach you. The more you realize you can live without something society says you need, the sooner you realize you can live a life of balance, peace and contentment because you already have everything you need.  You are alive, living, breathing and full of that vital life force that will enable you to do anything. This is one more step that will allow you to learn, teach and radiate your vitality to your own to others in your life through your example.

I invite you to check out his family blog and join me by signing up to be a part of the challenge by July 10th through the link below.


Your perspective on what is possible may never be the same.