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You CAN become anything...even a mermaid.

Everyday, my goal is to live in each moment being fully present.

With a houseful of kids and lots of family around I am blessed, but the potential for distraction is high.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel like you are outside of your body, viewing the present situation like a fly on the wall? Everything seems to slow down and you simply observe and are completely present in that moment. You are aware of your surroundings yet separate from them.

These moments are all too rare yet beautiful (as long as they don’t happen while you’re driving and you can’t remember how you got from point A to B.)

We don’t have to strive for “out-of-body” experiences every day, simply “intentionally present” experiences.

When you are intentionally present, you are fully living in the moment and that moment is not lost.

You become aware of your breath, the people around you and the sound of their voice. You feel their energy, love, pain or joy. You connect.

If you are alone, you understand that everything around you is simply “stuff” that is unimportant. It could be gone in an instant and it really wouldn’t matter. It may even be holding you back, adding to the pressure of conforming and unavailable to living vibrantly through connection, awareness and love.

To become intentionally present reflect on your daily life. List what is working, what you feel is hindering your joy or holding you back from living the vibrant life you were meant to live.

Are all of these material things or daily habits necessary?

Are they really a list of “should do’s” that are deeply rooted and it’s time to re-evaluate?

Ask yourself, “Why is this necessary, and then is there another way?” Don’t be afraid to think outside the box on this one. Just because you have been told you must do something doesn’t mean it is so.

Pause, Reflect, Adjust and Breathe. Become intentionally present in each choice, in each moment.

This is your life- Right Now. Not down the line when you have done everything, when you have finished your degree, filled a home with too many things or received a promotion for a job you really don’t enjoy.

Being intentionally present gives you the opportunity to choose who you are in any given moment. You can choose happiness, joy, being centered in loving or being centered in throwing a fit. You can choose to make intentional choices to become whatever it is you dream of…even a mermaid in that moment.

Being intentionally present in all things takes time and is not always easy. By becoming mindful of each moment instead of robotically going through your daily life you will then be on your personal path to fully living.

Live Life Pure and be Yourself!