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On a trip to Kauai last year I was desperate to try one thing, real coconut water from an actual coconut. I had never tried coconut water or had the fresh meat from the worlds largest seed before, but had heard that it had more electrolytes than a banana and had been used as blood serum replacement during WWII.

Not long into my trip did I happen upon two young guys by the Wailua Falls waiting to indulge me for just $5.oo. Pure heaven!

Selling Heaven on Earth!

With their handy machete they lobbed off the top and stuck in a straw. I was forever hooked. Not only was it light and refreshing, the whole darn coconut is good for you and has many wonderful uses. The FDA even regards it as “Generally Regarded as Safe” although I don’t put my full faith into the FDA, I thought that having their stamp of approval might make some of you happy! Even Dr. Oz has come on board the in the last year, and because of that you can finally find coconut water and “milk” products at your average grocery store. Woman’s Day magazine has done articles on this a few years back and even Jillian Michaels is now promoting this heavenly food. I’m glad it has become almost a fad, it opens up the minds of mainstream eating habits and allows coconut water to be found in your average grocery store. People are ready for change!

Heres a few of the reasons why I love the Coconut and hope you will give it, in its many forms, a try.

  • Coconut oil is a saturated fat but we are looking at non-hydrogenated coconut oil which has shown to be neutral. It can help raise HDL (healthy cholesterol ) and lower LDL (unwanted, bad cholesterol.) Think about how many of the worlds island populations consume large amounts of coconut oil and have low incidence of heart disease. Try using it as a cooking oil or try a new raw treat recipe with it .
  • Coconut meat and milk contain medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) which help your body use the essential fatty acids (EFAs) more efficiently.
  • The MCFAs are used quickly by the liver for energy instead of being stored as fat.(This is not permission to eat a quart!)
  • Coconut oil can act as an antioxidant, protecting the EFAs inside your body.
  • Coconut oil can be rubbed on the skin as a lip balm, lotion or healing salve and absorbs quickly (I love this!) I have even used it as a makeup remover!
  • According to Bruce Fife, C.N. ND. and the president of the Coconut Research Center it may promote weight loss, protect against heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, improve digestion and strengthen the immune system.

Now I don’t believe in a cure-all food or pill but the coconut has sustained many tropical populations for thousands of years without posing health risks that we know of. Keep in mind, everyone’s biological situation is different and I would promote moderation in anything you try. Do the research for yourself, you will find thousands voices singing the coconuts praises and just as many still claiming it is a horrible, saturated beast and should be avoided.

Remember nutrition is one science that does continue to evolve as we learn more about our bodies metabolic processes. I believe almost anything you add it that nature gives you would be better than something created in a lab.

What are your thoughts?

Love yourself, radiate your energy and live life pure!

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