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Yes, rest is part of learning to radiate!

Every day, across much of the globe, women scramble to get up, scrub-up, make-up, exercise to look and feel vibrant, cook meals that are fast but as nutritious as they can get their families to eat and then either go off to work or throw themselves into so many community service activities that it feels like a full-time job. Add in school meetings, doctors, dentists, sports, music lessons, church, family birthdays, other holiday  or family planning, home maintenance, and commute times and it becomes as my cousin likes to say, “like raking leaves in a windstorm.”

Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Is this you?

Like the clothes in a woman’s closet, (only wears about 20% of what she maintains) the energy we spend on maintaining our lives is more than we cultivate and receive from it. A nasty portion of time is doing, doing, doing without taking time to think, breathe and empty your cup. (Of course this also applies to many men as well, but men-forgive me; women carry the soul of the universe.) If we cannot become grounded and radiate energy, how will our children or men surrounding us ever feel that peace.

I propose that you make a choice right now to stop the insanity. Here’s a few steps to get you thinking-none of these are rocket science but we rarely take intentional time to try them:

  • Please breathe. Take 5 slow, deep and intentional breaths to calm and center yourself. (3 breaths is cheating, you’re only short-changing yourself.) You give yourself direct access to the divine wisdom within you when you take this time to stop and simply breathe. The choices and decisions you make afterward will be powerful!
  • Lay down on the floor in a quiet room and look up and around you. Notice how different the view is. What do you see? Name it. If you see yourself in these items, skip this step; if you only see “stuff”- items that have been around and yet have no meaning-clear it out. Donate what is old, stagnant and uninspiring. If you’re living in chaos, you will never find the peace you need or have the energy to give on a daily basis until you make a choice to clear out the clutter. Do you need additional inspiration to see how this will help you radiate vitality and clarify your life? Read Joshua’s post on excessive consumerism.
  • If it’s your to-do list that is overwhelming, review this list today and ask yourself why you are doing each item. Be ruthless. Is the action vital to you or your families well-being? Is it expected of you. Is it routine and that’s what you’ve always done? Attempt to clear away one item from you daily “should-do” list today.
  • Crowd out heavy, rich or processed foods by adding in more vibrant living food. Even if it means simply chopping spinach and adding it in to your spaghetti sauce or soup. The more whole foods you add into your daily menu, the clearer you think (more on this later.)
  • Follow Courtney’s advice and take a nap. It may be just the thing to recharge your soul. (Just be sure not to overinduldge on this one-but don’t feel guilty for trying it either!)
  • Drink water-no excuses. Inflate those cells of yours! Your low energy may simply come from being dehydrated! Need inspiration? Read “What’s in Her Water!”
  • Intentionally smile more at strangers. I’m always talking to the cashier or saying “hello” to someone I pass on the street. Become connected and your world expands-learn to live “outside” yourself.
  • Practice silence. Listen more, speak less.
  • Ban automatic self-loathing negative thoughts (ANTS) from your habits.  You are of value and precious simply because you are YOU!
  • Practice forgiveness. You’ll get what you give.
Each of these is broad on purpose. If you practice number one (breathe) you will find, within yourself, the ways to clarify and illuminate changes you are ready to make. The example you set for your family now is imprinting on their hearts and minds. Who do you want to help them become?
Life is about the journey. Pick one new action and practice it until it becomes a habit. One day you will realize you have incorporated it into the fabric of who you are, opening the door for a new action or opportunity.
What gift will you give yourself and others today?