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Greens Please! (It's not usually this easy!)


What’s that you say? Greens?

O.K. Yep, I’ve heard of green beans and green grapes. Oh, wait you mean the greens like they eat in the South….Collards?

Yep! That’s one of them!

And how does this apply to Pure Vitality and all the women who need to get to know  and really own their own individual worth?

Read on to find out!

I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret. My number one plan of attack when I begin coaching someone, no matter what their end goal is (even business minded non-health desiring, creative types) is to balance out a clients eating habits by having them include greens in their menu planning.

Now before you say “eeewe” and “nasty” and proceed to slam your laptop shut, let me explain.

Greens are something that can be added into almost any meal and are a powerhouse of nutrition. When you begin to add in greens to your meals, you are adding in fiber, additional water, chlorophyll and important micronutrients. Greens give the life-giving gift of calcium, magnesium (necessary to absorb calcium), iron, potassium, phosphorous, zinc, and vitamins A, C, E and K.

Greens have been known to help with clearing congestion and reducing mucus, improving liver and kidney functions, and overall strengthening of your circulation and immune system, boosting healthy intestinal flora and even possibly cancer prevention.

What does all this do for you?

Greens give you VIBRANT health both inside and out. They cleanse and purify your blood so you body can function at its optimum. When your cells are fueled with life-giving nutrients, your skin glows, your body is full of light energy and you are not weighed down mentally or physically. You are less likely to be in a depressed coma-like state of being going through your daily routine. Your thinking may become clear and you may be open to creative inspiration that you can share with the rest of the world.

By ingesting more greens you are acknowledging your individual worth and taking a simple step to care for your physical self that will have a domino affect on your spiritual, energetic, creative soul.

In addition, when women add greens to their menus they are setting a life-giving example for their families. Their children and spouses, friends and acquaintances at the office may watch with a curiousness that becomes infectious. You are sharing the gift of health and vitality without even trying.

Just think, if we were all able to down even just a few handfuls of greens more a day, what a peaceful world we might become!

Types of greens and tips:

Try Arugula (spicy), Beet Greens (I juice these right along with the beet), Bok Choy (mild tasting-great for kids to try first), Broccoli (grounding energy from these little “tree trunks”), Broccoli Rabe, Cabbage (red, green, savoy), Chard (sweet and mild), Collard Greens (I use these for wraps),  Endive, Chicory, Frisee, Radicchio (pretty-great little “cups” for serving anything in), Kale (superstar green warrior),  Lettuce (iceberg-still has water and fiber but not as powerpacked as the dark green variety), Mustard Greens, Spinach (I’m guilty of over using this little bugger.) Watercress and Wild Greens such as Amaranth or Chickweed and Dandelion (yep, they can be eaten-just be sure your source isn’t from your neighbors chemical laden yard.)

-Purchase greens that are vibrant and bright and without wilted or yellowing leaves.

-I enjoy greens daily in my “Green Shake” which is really a blended soup. I know some people swear by drinking green juices but with a busy schedule, I prefer to keep the fiber and just blend it all up. I usually add in about 8-16 oz. of liquid (water, coconut water,o.j.)  Then 2-4 huge handfuls of spinach or kale. 2 stalks of celery or a cucumber, and either one fuji apple or a cup of fresh berries.

At least if my eating isn’t perfect that day, I have started it out with fresh, vibrant, life-giving gems.

-Chop up any green and add it to your risotto, soups, sauces, pizza toppings, or stir-fry. It wilts down and you’ll barely notice it’s there but your body will benefit.

-Steam, boil, or water saute greens. (If you boil them, do it for under a minute so the nutrients aren’t lost. You could always drink the water once it cools for a life-giving broth. (I love to saute greens with olive oil, garlic and any nut I have left in the fridge. Need more inspiration?  –Try this recipe.)

-Think about color and mix a light-colored green with a dark one. Now toss in a few dried cranberries or cherries. Don’t like dried fruit? Try adding yellow or orange bell pepper for contrast.

The point is, don’t be worried about perfection. Be creative and have fun.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Try one new green a week, three different ways until you find something that fits your personal groove. When your eating is more balanced, the rest of your life will likely follow suit!

If you’d like more “green” recipes or more information on how reach your most vibrant, radiant self  including a FREE consultation,  visit me at www.purevitality.net I can’t wait to hear from you!