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A life full of Pure Vitality is within your reach!

Does the word “exercise” just conjure up fear, dread, or even the claim that you are allergic to ideas and would spontaneously combust if forced to try any variation of it?

Does it bring to mind Olivia Newton John, spandex and headbands?

Or perhaps it signals a true desire but while you acknowledge that you should include some form of the forbidden activity in your life, you feel there are not enough hours in the day to do everything that you know is good for you.

Enter GUILT… and a little white flag flying from your overwhelmed self that reads, “I give up, I’ve tried, I’ve failed and I just can’t do it right now.”

Let me put your mind at ease. You can do it! You don’t need two hours a day unless you’re looking to compete in a fitness challenge. If your starting from zero activity and your goal is to be healthy and vibrant, you can reap some serious health benefits and strengthen your heart, lungs and body in 30 minutest 4-5 times a week. But even if you don’t think you can fit that in your crazy schedule right now, you can add small increases of physical health work daily without excuses. I’ll tell you how in a minute, first let me inspire you with how you will RADIATE health by not giving up and giving yourself the GIFT of EXERCISE!

  1. It’s a mood enhancer! We all know this but, just intentionally walking outside for 15 minutes will get the blood flowing and your happy side will emerge! Plus you’ll get a little rosy glow and it didn’t cost you a single cent!
  2. It may just prolong your life, giving you the time you’d like to have to create the life of your dreams. Exercise may help reduce infections (flu season coming up…hint, hint!), prevent heart attacks by lowering your blood pressure and raising your good cholesterol and improve the symptoms of depression by lowering the level of stress hormones racing around your body.
  3. It brings oxygen into your body.  I’m not going to insult you by telling you how important this is. Just trust me!

I’ve just given you three really good reasons to burn that little white flag of yours and DECIDE that you are worth 30 minutes 4-5 times a week.

To make the most of these minutes, I would suggest interval training, which increases your strength and builds muscle which burns fat and increases your cardiovascular max! Just Google “interval training” to find something that fits your style.

The trick is to play, have fun and do something! Try the following ideas to start including more physical activities into your day:

  • Play tag with your kids, your dog or your special someone. You’ll be full of oxygen and laughing in no time!
  • Just step outside and walk around your home, your block or the park. Don’t forget to look for stairs or walk the bleachers at the local school!
  • Do a contest with your friends or family. (We like to see how many push ups every family member can do before our nightly family prayer!) Fit what you can in when you can. We’re all rooting for each other by the end!
  • Free weights anyone? $10 dollar weights can do a lot if your starting from zero. You don’t even have to pay for gas to go to the gym.
  • Wall squats, planks, superman’s and bananas.  (Google these for proper form tips.) My kids tease me but these are some of my favorites. I do 90 second wall squats while I’m drying my hair! See, no excuses not to do something!
  • My son swears by jumping rope to burn fat quick. Simple, cheap, and effective! I’m vowing to someday be as good as Rocky with a jump rope. It’s on my bucket list!
  • Take up drumming and use a double base-works your arms and legs and you’ll get the neighbors in a tizzy! (Ok, be considerate if you choose this option!)

This isn’t meant to be an all-inclusive list simply a brief kick-in-the pants do start somewhere. Don’t knock yourself because you’re not planning a triathlon any time soon. It’s O.K. that you don’t even have the desire to do something like that. Unfortunately, we live at a time where most of us are not out working outdoors for 12 hours a day and we need to conscientiously add exercise in. I’m not perfect at this by a long shot but I keep trying and you can too. Just be sure to love yourself and enjoy the process!

If you need additional ideas for simple, no weight exercise while at home, in the park or traveling, check out one of my favorite bloggers Leo Babauta and his post of 14  Exercises for the Terminally Busy. Or Matt Frazier from the No Meat Athlete’s easy guide to start running. He has great guides to running your first half and full marathon as well if your ready to go BIG!

Cheers! Here’s to Oxygen and Strong, Healthy, Living– you’ll RADIATE in no time!

Wanting support or accountability with your goals? Visit me at Pure Vitality Coaching.

Wishing you joy,