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“Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as being able to remake ourselves.” ~Gandhi

I AM my own hero!

Right now there are an endless number of blog posts being created and posted that discuss the benefits or pitfalls of resolutions.

I’ll admit, fifteen years ago, I was one of the many who would create “goals” and after about three months (or less) those goals were nowhere to be found on my radar. They had become lost in the sea of busyness and I was the last ship swirling about trying to find the shore. Sometimes I was like the toy ship swirling around in circles about to go down the drain.

Happy face, kind words, always trying to be positive- that’s who I was.  I thought I was good at pretending or fake it till ya make it.

 The only one I was faking was myself. Don’t get me wrong, I was not miserable. But I was simply existing. I was going through the motions of what I thought I should do. I felt gratitude, joy and peace but not to the extent I feel them now.

Why does my heart feel like it is bursting with joy, so much so that it can hardly be contained?

I love life. I love it passionately. And, I’m living it now.

I am not chasing after “someday” goals like “someday I’ll lose 10 lbs and then I’ll be happy”. Or, “someday I’ll climb that mountain and then my life will feel complete.”


And then…

You fill in the blank with your dream, excuse or plan that has yet come to pass. These are a naughtly little combination of words that will get you nowhere. Swirling and trapped.

What is it you are waiting for? What is it you want to experience, feel or have and what quality will that bring you in your life?

What excuse are you telling yourself that is keeping you from experiencing life the way you want right now?

You have to work too many hours and are too tired?

You have to cook meals for your family and they won’t eat the way you want to? (this was mine for a long time-still creeps in sometimes!)

You can’t save any money because you’re barely making ends meet?

What is your excuse? What are the lies you’re telling yourself that will keep you staying small and stuck? Excuses that will keep you going around the same hamster wheel you have gone around year after year, living virtually the life you so wish you could change.

Write your excuse down. RIGHT NOW. It should be easy. You replay them in your head on auto pilot constantly.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…

When you reread them back to yourself you will have serious insight into what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Do they have a common theme? Is the lack of time playing a starring role? Your achy knees or sick, tired body? What is the star of your personal drama?

Now rewrite your drama. Turn your excuses upside down. For instance, instead of “I work too many hours and am exhausted.” You could say, “I have all the time I need to live the life of my choosing.”

Sound like a bunch of psycho-mumbo jumbo? Give it a try. Try something different. By just doing this small step you have stepped outside your drama and are open to making new choices, opening new doors of possibility.

Now ask yourself, what changes do I need to make to make that statement true?

Do you really want more time to sit on a beach or do you want to feel alive in your chosen profession? Pin point what it is your really looking for. Often it is a feeling or quality we are lacking in our current life.

Then, find one simple action that will support you. Only one.

Now, honor yourself and do it. No excuses. No buts. No I can’t.

Honor yourself. You are worth it.

You may feel stuck trying to make even a small change. Change doesn’t happen over night. You’ve heard it all before. Lasting change takes time. But it also takes A Change.

 It may feel overwhelming or impossible. That’s good.

 You’re getting somewhere now. You’re about to bust through a wall. Take a moment to stop and breathe. Forgive yourself if you need to and then bust down that invisible wall. Feel it shatter. Imagine how you will feel on the other side. What will it look? How will you feel?

When you value yourself enough, to make space for yourself, and honor yourself it will radiate to all those around you. Think of the fun you’ll be having then!