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To quote the great Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

So True, Ferris. So True.

Often we hear ourselves telling other’s what “they” should do. We have our opinions and of course we know better than they do right? Not so fast.

I’m a coach. Listening is what I do. This time I had to listen to myself, practice what I preach and then stop, and listen some more. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Stopping. Listening. Making conscious adjustments that are self-honoring and life-giving.

My oldest child is graduating this year and moving out-of-state. I knew I needed to cut out what I could from my schedule, anything I could, to be fully present for him and my three girls. If that meant blog posts, it was gonna be blog posts. A simple step and although I was not publishing weekly or even monthly, it was still on my mind constantly. Consciously stopping this one small item on my agenda of to-do’s opened up a lot more than 30 minutes in my week. It allowed my mind and heart the freedom to give more in other areas, both to others and myself. That is where I have been these last 6 months.

It was time to be like Ferris. Stop and look around.

We all have the story we tell ourselves and other’s about our lives. For whatever reason, we get something out of it. It protects us and proves us right. Maybe even makes us feel good.

I had all the evidence I needed to back up my own victim story: I’m too busy.-it makes me feel like I have value. It’s false value, but I was unconsciously living that idea for years and then repeating it in various ways in my life.

Today’s evidence:

Four kids and a husband who is away for 14 hours a day.

The personal assistant to 5 individual schedules, needs and wants.

I’m in school full-time. Think essays, essays and more essays.

I’m involved in a rigorous training program with The Ford Institute.

I have amazing, inspiring clients that I am blessed to share time with weekly.

I am blessed to live around tons of family, but that sometimes means never-ending birthdays, holidays, and other schedule fillers that are equally important.

The list goes on and on and on if I let it.

The beauty of it is that this busy-ness is all my creation and it is exactly where I need to be to become a better mother, wife, friend, coach. The experience of watching myself add more and more to my plate, taking a bunch of stuff off only to add more and more in again has been powerful.

I was on autopilot and turning up the flame.

We can be aware of these things, our habits, wish for them to change and get into that “someday things will be different” mentality that only keeps us stuck. Or we can become aware of our patterns, acknowledge them, see the gift of wisdom they offer and then choose to move powerfully forward by consciously choosing to do something different.

“Trying” doesn’t work.

Picture being stuck in the middle of the ocean with waves pushing and pulling you every which way. Trying and wishing will not help you reach the shore. You have to first acknowledge that you are stuck in the middle of the ocean and no one is going to see that you are drowning because everyone else is drowning in their own ocean as well.

What do you hear yourself saying over and over and over? 

That my friends, is your story. And it’s getting old. Are you not tired of repeating it? Living it?

Most likely, the people around you are not any more thrilled about hearing your story as you are at hearing theirs. We see it so clearly in others, but to become aware of our story and admit that it really is a story we use to stay stuck and small we must first go digging.

Are you in the same place, same life now as you were 3 or 5 years ago after you told yourself that by this time next year things would be different?

Is it time to be like Ferris and look around?  I believe there is a brilliant treasure waiting to be uncovered within you!

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