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Now that you have had a moment to think about schedules, life and your “Big Why” it’s time to talk about boundaries. Boundaries will help us when we talk about your surroundings next.

Initiating boundaries within your life and schedule is good, but it is powerful when you are fully aware of your whys.

So you decided to go to graduate school. Why?
“Because that will bring you perceived financial security.”
And what do you hope that financial security will bring you? Peace? Freedom? The ability to give more time to help in the community?

What is the bottom line your really seeking? If you don’t know the answer, the boundaries you set may become a brick wall, frustrating and overwhelming instead of freeing. They will weigh you down.

Boundaries created with your “big why” in mind will give you space to breathe, think and feel. Keep asking why until you know the real reasons you want or need something. Hint: It is usually a quality or feeling you are looking for.

That’s where you can start to set your boundaries from-that sweet spot.
It is from this place that all the other choices become obvious because your path has been illuminated.

I’m the girl who used to answer the telephone on the first ring because I felt guilty if I didn’t. I let others define my choices. I needed boundaries.

Start small, and be consistent. Take one step, one change, or say one “no” until it becomes automatic and then move on to the next. Say no to living on autopilot and choose define your boundaries by your “big why.” Then when you say “yes” it is with full confidence and in alignment with your desired goals and vision for your life.

Boundaries are a beautiful thing when you know your “whys!”

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