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So we’ve looked at your thoughts, your schedule, your “big why,” and boundaries. Have you noticed a theme?

Feelings. They matter. They are there to teach you something. Maybe you think your body is telling you that you need Tillamook Mudslide ice cream.(Probably not the case, but hey…I must admit it was singing quite the siren song to me last week!) Maybe it’s really telling you that you need sleep, or to remove wasteful habits that are stealing your dreams.

If your life and schedule feel overwhelming and you try to numb yourself  with a slurpee and a handy bag of chips you are missing a vital opportunity. Everything will not always be peaceful, comfortable and full of joy, but when you learn to pay attention to what you are really needing, to acknowledge it and take a small action towards it, your potential for peace just grew exponentially. Obvious. Maybe. Are you making those changes or simply excuses?

Sometimes what is contributing to “what is weighing you down” is your surroundings. Our habitats can create a lot of unconscious, negative weight again both literally and figuratively. Think about it, if you have piles of unopened mail and every wall filled up with bookshelves or decor, and every flat surface covered with something you may be sabotaging your potential for transformation.

Over the summer my bedroom temporarily became my office for school and work. Paperwork on my dresser, school books piled on the floor and a heavy feeling every time I walked in there. I could feel the difference.

Have you ever been in a hotel room and thought…”aaahhh…I could stay here forever!”?  I know I have. You realize you don’t need all your stuff to make you happy, you need space; to think, to breath, to feel.

I know I will have a spa-like Balinese open-air style home overlooking the warm ocean with fresh fruit just outside my door. Until that day comes, I strive to make my current space feel like that. Right now I have scotch broom (a weed) outside instead of the ocean and carpet instead of wood floors. Start where you are and with what you have. Removing what is excess is a powerful first step.

Paint a wall a soothing color. Clean out your closets, kitchen cupboards, garages and bathrooms. Donate anything that you don’t love, need or no longer serves you. Ask yourself why you are holding on to things. Is there a memory that you are afraid you will forget attached with an item? Are you afraid of hurting someones feelings? Check-in with the reasons you are surrounded by the things you are and ask yourself how it all makes you feel. Then ask yourself what the truth is. Boundaries surrounding what you allow in your space and why will keep you in alignment with those qualities and feelings that are a part of your big why. And please, do not turn this into one more thing on your to-do list. Enjoy the journey.

We cannot all move to serene Gardens of Eden, nor would everyone want to. The point is to stop sabotaging yourself with something as powerful as your environment. What are you going to do about yours?

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