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How many times do you catch yourself saying the words, “I should.”

How do you feel after you’ve said it?

“I should eat better. I should exercise more. I should visit Grandpa. I should donate more time to community projects. I should, I should, I should …”

The word itself carries a weight that can leave you feeling defeated before you’ve even started whatever it is you feel you “should” do.

A wise woman once told me, “there are no should’s in life.”

This took me a minute to understand but when I removed the word from my life and replaced it with “I must, I want, I will, I choose…” I shifted the overwhelming weight of the “should’s” into powerful, forward moving action. It’s a seemingly small shift in perspective that can yield huge results.

Some of you may be tossing, turning and moaning with the thought, “but there are lot’s of things I should do, I just don’t want to.” Stop. Replace the “should” with “get to.”

“I should exercise today,”  doesn’t sound as powerful as “I choose to exercise today.”

“I should eat whole foods today,” sounds a whole lot more uncommitted than, “I will eat whole foods today.”

“I get to take the garbage out. I’ve got two arms, two legs and money to buy stuff that creates garbage that I get to take out.” Yes, you may even make yourself laugh or find yourself a deep sense of gratitude for the simple opportunities we have in life.

“I choose to treat myself with love and kindness today.”

Give it a try today. Find something you’ve been putting off doing and decide to change the weight you are allowing it to have in your life.

Words have power. Choose yours wisely.

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