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You are not your past.
Your roots do not have to define you!

Have you ever wondered why you keep going out with the same “type” of guy or girl when you keep trying to find someone different to share your life with?

Do you find yourself angry at everyone around you and wonder why they won’t change?

Are you well aware of repeating patterns in your life that you swear at least once a week you will change and yet, here you are again, making the same choices you promised yourself you would do differently?

Habits are not something that just happen. Often they are rooted in seemingly non-related events from our past and in order to change the future, it helps to get at the root of why you are doing what you are doing.

Last month I finished training with Debbie Ford’s The Ford Institute and have added Certified Integrative Coaching Professional to my toolbox. This year-long experience of in-person intensives and weekly training changed my life.

Now I want to help change yours!

Integrative Coaching is a way for you to be your own coach, with me as your guide. We look at your dreams, desires and goals and then examine the patterns in your life that have kept you from reaching them. You will learn to integrate back all of the aspects of yourself that you have denied, ignored or made wrong and learn to love the beautiful perfection that is you.

We were born into this world, perfect and whole. We cover up that perfection through layers of self-doubt, loathing, bitterness, feelings of helplessness and fears.

Let’s bust through all of that together so you can let your brilliant magnificence shine!

Are you ready for transformation?

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime and set up a free consultation with me today!