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IMG_1984Vision. Do you have one? Have you written it down? Do you use it as a guide from which you make all of your choices? If not, you are missing out on your life. You may find yourself stuck in never-ending cycles of repetitive, automatic life, feeling stagnant. Wondering why you are living the same life you were living three years ago when you said, “this year, things will be different.” If that is you, it’s time to write out your vision.

Your vision is simply how you would like your life to be. What you desire to have, to feel, to experience and why. It reflects what you believe to be most important. It can change overtime but pinpoints your priorities and contains hope for your future. When you write your vision down, you can use it to check in on yourself, bust yourself or clarify which choice you should make. Ask yourself what you want to feel or experience in all areas of your life: relationships (family, friends, and intimate), spirituality, health, career and charity, etc. This knowledge becomes the stepping-stones toward goals and are the guideposts of your choices that help you reach that vision.

There’s a saying, “Where the mind goes, the man follows.”

Where do you want to go? Daydreaming isn’t just for kids. It keeps your soul alive, passionate and motivated. It can be a tool to take you where you’ve always wanted to be. Take time to write out what you most desire in life and why. Read it everyday. Use your vision to breathe life into your life!

Using your vision to support your future choices will open your eyes to the autopilot life you’ve been living and help you fully wake up to this one precious life you have.