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Last night, barefoot and in our pajamas my three girls and I ran outside in the middle of a major downpour and danced. We danced in the rain, smiled and laughed. It felt like one of those moments you watch on a movie that look so fun and you tell yourself you’ll do that soon and then time passes, life happens and then there is “never a good time.”

It took less than a minute but will stick with each of us for a lifetime. Maybe it was me who felt transformed in that moment, after all that’s what kids do. They play in the rain, jump in puddles, run outside in the hail just to see what it will feel like. They color and dance outside the lines.

Children live as fully as they can in each moment.

I, on the other hand, as a self-respecting adult must set the good example and do what’s right-right?

We came in before the thunder and lightning started (I give them guidelines and boundaries for safety) but they gave me a reminder to embrace life like an inspired, curious, precious child.

What will your dance in life be like today?