About Lisa

Certified Holistic Health Coach Lisa K. Ward

Coach Lisa K. Ward is loving the life she shares with her husband, four children and an old Dalmatian named Ringo. Together they live on 5 beautiful acres near Seattle, Washington. Lisa grew up in a small town near Seattle, where she spent much of her free time camping, fishing and sleeping under the stars with her family and friends. As a child, she loved playing piano and clarinet and dancing around her room to Irene Cara’s “What a Feeling”  – dreaming that someday she would dance as well as the ballet dancer from Flashdance.

While this didn’t quite pan out, what Lisa has always found she is good at is listening to friends share their stories and experiences in life. From a young age, she always had the ability to deeply empathize with and offer advice to others.​

In her early twenties, Lisa worked as a medical assistant and lab technician in northern Nevada and later as a program developer for a finance company back in Washington. In was there that she met her husband, Rob, when he literally sat down next to her for training! She talked his ear off and they soon realized the term soul mates was an understatement. Since 2001, Lisa has dedicated herself full-time to being a mom to Austin (18), Makayla (15) , Savannah (11), and Naiya (7).

Why Lisa Became a Coach​​​​​

As anyone with children knows, having time to think, plan, exercise, eat healthy and give back to the community seems virtually impossible. As a stay-at-home mom, Lisa found her life increasingly overwhelming, as she aimed to “people please” and say “yes” to everyone around her. Lisa watched friends and family repeat the same patterns of behavior, feeling stuck and incapable of making significant, positive changes in their own lives.

For years, Lisa read one self-help book after another. Finally, she realized that the information in our heads only translates into life when the knowledge is fully integrated into our heart and our core.

Once she made this transition, everything changed.

Having unlocked this secret for herself, Lisa started Radiate Vitality to help others break out of their routines and tap into their own vitality.

She developed her approach based upon the process she went through in her own life in order to achieve happiness and balance. Lisa’s personal experience, coupled with her years of training and the work she has done for others, has proven to her the possibilities and potential that each individual has to create a happier, more vibrant life for themselves.

​We are all connected!​​​​​​​​​​
With Lisa’s help, you, too, can feel in-love with your life again. You can choose to radiate your brilliance, and in turn, help others to radiate as well.

Sign up for your free initial consultation and learn to Radiate Your Vitality today!


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